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4 / 8 Serial Port Data Switches

These are used when ONE COMPUTER is used to connect upto 8 devices.

A typical application is 2-8 CNC machines connected to a common computer . Using this switch will eliminate manual connection / disconnection of Data cables to the PC / device.

This enables uploading / downloading data to/from upto 8 CNC machines ( or devices ) using a single computer . The selectionof device ( say CNC machine ) is through manual rotary selector switch and the selection is indicated by LED indicators on the front panel.

Using our Optical Isolator model 2303 LH PS at the CNC port will also prevent ground loop currents from damaging the port .

LED indicators for the port ( 1-8 )
Standard 9 pin connector ( DTE / DCE )
Size: 175 x 165 x 110 ( mm )
Power input : 230 V AC


•  4 Port Data Switch
•  8 Port Data Switch

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